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Fascination with the world of J.R.R. Tolkien often persists long after finishing the last line of the story. Perhaps it´s at this moment when a desire arises to return to the story, to find its continuation and links to other events or just to surrender to the poetics of Arda and Middle-earth. This desire is what makes some of the readers to explore other literary sources, to discover less known stories, to lineup in full armour for one of the many LARP battles, or even to create something of his own. It is a desire to learn more about the "misty" characters, to find, between the lines, more about their "real" life, what they were doing when not caught in a mighty story, what they were thinking and how they were feeling.

The same desire most likely gave birth to these pages hand in hand with the discovery that there are other people searching as well and that their search often takes shape in creating music or poetry. The aim of this project is to provide space for authors inspired by the world of Tolkien, offer them some support and opportunity to share the fruits of their creation.

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An admirable achievement of a group of Tolkien music fans is a creation of the complete songbook of Poetic Fellowship and guests named Songs of Middle-earth, which is the original inspiration for these pages.

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