Of the Project

Origin of the Project

The origin of the Project dates back to Tolkiencon in 2011, when I first personally met people from the Poetic Fellowship and the False Fellowship. Although being a “stranger from far East”, I received a cordial welcome. This encounter was later revealed as very important. The Poetic Fellowship Song Book became my main inspiration for the initiative to record the songs. The reason for this initiative was the fact that so far, most songs existed as sheet music only. However, the idea of the recording was not accepted by most people from both Fellowships at that time. Nevertheless, things changed later that year thanks to a happy coincidence and a meeting in the best time, and the first PLAN arose. After several meetings and discussions with people from both Fellowships, at the end of 2011 most people accepted the idea of songs recording. Some home recordings were produced, a live concert “Voices of Middle-earth” was performed in Tolkiencon 2012 and finally, the first studio recording was organized during the spring in 2012. Subsequently, this webpage was created shortly after this.

Since then, the scope of this Project increased a bit. Today, the Project does not include only songs from The Poetic Fellowship Song Book, but also from other authors. I hope that the Project will broaden further and new songs and authors will be included. This all would be impossible without the support and enthusiasm of all those Middle-earth music fans, who offered selflessly their help. Thank you all very much!

AHO (enthusiastic Project coordinator)

Project aims

The main goal of the Project is to collect original Czech song production as well as other art activities inspired by the world of J.R.R. Tolkien. We also would like to provide people with an opportunity to listen to songs arranged by their authors, to download the songs and perhaps to learn and to spread further their poetry. At the same time, this webpage should become a virtual meeting point for all those who are engaged in the Middle-earth art production and thus to stimulate and inspire other people. The main requirement for publication of songs on this webpage is, besides their Middle-earth focus, sufficient technical and interpretation quality. Simply, the songs must be pleasant when listening to them. In case that various recordings of the same song exist (for example recordings from concerts or other interprets), we make an effort to publish these versions as well.


The main prerequisite for the publication of songs on the webpage is its recording quality. This may be a limiting factor for those authors who have no opportunity to record in a studio, or those who have no time to record their songs because of other duties (jobs, etc.). Therefore, authors have an opportunity to record in a studio equipped with all facilities needed for professional recording. Studio recordings take place 2-3 times per a year. The authors participating in the project are expected to be well prepared for studio recording and subsequently to provide their songs for free publication on our webpage.

Do you compose songs inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien?

Do you compose songs inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien? Do you think you are good in that? Please do not hesitate and contact us! Do you know someone who composes Middle-earth songs and music? Please tell her/him about our Project. By all means, visiting of Tolkiencon is a good beginning.

Webpage content

As the webpage title suggests, the original idea was to concentrate on Middle-earth music. However, this idea is continuously evolving. Therefore we do not exclude a possibility that the Project may include also poetry, theatre and film production, or other creative art activities. We look forward!

Project background

Project Songs of the Middle-earth is a non-profit project. It is based on volunteer and fan work and support. All expenses are paid by project supporters. The Project has never been considered as a profit-making and so it will be also in the future. The main mission is to please with music and to share the endless inspiration of world, whose shores are washed by the waves of Sundering Seas.