Húrin‘s Children album of False Fellowship is in process


False Fellowship completed 3 of the 4 phases of recording the Húrin's Children album.

In recent days, the third and fourth phase of recording of the author's musical based on J. R. R. Tolkien's legend „Húrin’s Children“ have finally been completed. As of today, 20 songs out of a total of 28 in musical have been completed. Some songs even in two versions. There were no limits to creativity, so fans can look forward to very diverse recordings: from intimate sweet ballads to dwarf glockenspiel, epic pieces and wild flamenco up to megalomaniacal orchestration or textbook brass.

The remaining 8 songs are waiting for autumn 2024, when the final recording stage will take place in November. We will hopefully see the finished (double) album with the proud title "Húrinovy děti" and at least 28 songs in the spring of 2025.

The False Fellowship thanks all the kind supporters, without whom this gigantic project could not be started at all!


Songs of Middle-earth on Spotify and iTunes


You can listen to most of our songs also on Spotify and iTunes.

Progress cannot be stopped even in Middle-earth. And because the classic media, and especially the drives on which it would be possible to play them, are almost things of the past and the format of Radio Middle-earth on our website no longer fully suits a wide range of all the new devices, we are adding more channels where you can listen to our songs.

Písně Středozemě na Spotify a iTunes

The attentive visitor to the site must have noticed the new icons in the left column next to the News heading, the most important of which are the new two in green and red. These are the most common services Spotify and iTunes (or Apple music), but you can also find us on some others streaming services.

So far, we have managed to place a large part of the songs on the new channels and more will be added gradually. The main advantage is their association within individual albums and cycles, if they are part of them. Unfortunately, due to copyrights, we cannot publish some songs on these channels (especially those with original lyrics by J.R.R. Tolkien). Fortunately, it is a significant minority.

So nice listening wherever you find our Middle-earth songs!


Echoes from Middle-Earth


We are glad to announce songs from the new Glindar's album Echoes from Middle-Earth.

At this year's Tolkiencon 2020, we had an opportunity to listen to songs of an Italian musician, composer and tolkienist Glindar. On the Saturday's evening Glindar played a great concert and he was accompanied by Romanian illustrator Bogdan Graciun and his live painting during the performance.

The songs came from the album Echoes from Middle-Earth released at the end of 2019 containing 11 songs inspired by the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Here we can listen to the tones of guitars, Celtic harp, flutes, mandolin, violin and other instruments. The songs, which have been composed since 2000, touch both the main storyline of the story and also lesser known topics as well. We can look forward to Frodo, Gollum, merry pub song, Treebeard, but also Tom Bombadil or Ent's memory of Tauremornalómë.

Glindar working on Echoes from Middle-Earth

Thanks to Glindar's kind permission, we can release the whole content of his album on our Songs of Middle-Earth website and listen to these original songs either on its own or on Radio Middle-Earth. The songs are accompanied by beautiful illustrations by illustrators such as Andrea Piparo, Ted Nasmith, John Howe, Kip Rasmussen and of course the aforementioned Bogdan Craciun.

Bogdan Craciun, Music to the Ears

All songs are best accessible from the homepage of this website, where you can find them among the newest songs or from the list below, where they will guide us through the whole story.

All I have to do is wish you a pleasant listening!