FILIA was founded in 1993 in Pilsen. This band performs mostly during events of "3pé association" and church services of KS Plzeň (Pilsener Christian Association). Occasionally also performs individual concerts. Friendship and links to friends concerned with the world of J.R.R. Tolkien, namely Laisi Finwen, is reflected in Filia's composition and repertoire.  

Two original music albums inspired by world of Arda / Middle-earth were created - "Cesta Melwen" (The Melwen's Journey) and "Mande omeltainë".

Cesta Melwen (2002)Music album "Cesta Melwen" (The Melwen's Journey) (2002) refers to the Laisi Finwen's book "Dítě lesa" (Child of Woodland). Laisi asked Yanwe to compose music for her lyrics and invite him to the circle of her friends fans of fantasy, Tolkien's world and the noble Elven language - Quenya. Yanwe met "Vlaštovka" community and found remarkable world of extraordinary people that he would otherwise probably never met. The aim was not to create a perfect faultless plate but rather an authentic record of songs that are sung at "Vlaštovka"meetings, or elven festivities. The album was released only in a limited edition and is not intended for commercial sale. It was recorded in Brno and the work was completely finished during one extended weekend.

Mande omentainë (2003)Quenya words Mande omentainë (2003) mean „We meet well!“. Each elven festivity is first of all a meeting and each elven meeting is a smal feast. Mande omentainë album guides us through elven festivals in way such they are celebrated during the year: First Winter Solstice – Narvinyë (Celebration of fire renewal), vernal equinox then – Nosta Lótion (Feast of Birth of Flowers), which is also Erukyermë, Prayers for the One. Following Andoni laireo (Gates of Summer) – midsummer and Eruhantalë (Feast of Thanksgiving) during autumnal equinox. Again, the plate was released in a limited edition and is not intended for commercial sale.

However, this is only a fraction of the band's discography, which includes a number of beautiful non Tolkienist songs, but they are out of the scope of this web. You can find them on the Filia's pages of course.


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