Arwen Oslavná Elfská III. věk

Poetické společenstvo Composed před 1995 Recorded 2013


This song was conceived when Katka was bored during an expo brigade-work and so she passed her time by composing a song about Arwen. Today we can say that the brigade was well worth it :-)

Author's English version

1. Hear the words that I will sing
Ye all that in this valley dwell
They may joy and sorrow bring
Our Evenstar leaves Rivendell

In twilight shadows when she moves
In her eyes the sweetest spell
A brightest star in Imladris
Shining Arwen Undómiel

2. Child of Luthien the fair
A light that shone through ages past
Blessed the one her star shall bear
The one on whom her eye she cast

3. Now free the River runs to the Sea
And many things will fade away
Underneath a silver Tree
To Elessar her hand she gave

4. And while on Eastern shore she stands
When tall ships sail from havens grey
Under stars in Western lands
In songs forever live she may.


Author of song

Katka García Katka García


Katka Garcia - leading vocal
Katerina Schwarzerová - vocal, harp, guitar, composition of instrumental parts
Petr Bohdan - vocal
Aho - vocal

recorded at JM Studio 2012-2013 
mastering V. Červenka