The Song of the Rambler Veselá Hobití III. věk

Composed 2004 Recorded 2-11.2019


A short and an apparently quite simple poem, The Road Goes Ever On and On plays a crucial role in The Lord of the Rings as it recurs three times with some slight variations and it is always sung: the first time by Bilbo when he is about to leave the shire to reach Rivendell; the second time by Frodo at about the beginning of his quest, and the last time again by Bilbo before setting out on his last journey to the Grey Havens. The song deals with the theme of the journey which, metaphorically standing for our lives, implies adventures, obstacles and mystery. This is my version of Tolkien’s song.

Ilustrace: Ted Nasmith, Green Hill Country


The Song of the Rambler

The Road keeps going on and on
Right from the hill where it began.
Now far away the Road has run,
But I must take it if I can,

Following it with swollen feet,
Until it joins some wider road,
Where many tracks and roamers meet,
And from there on I just don't know.


Author of song

Glindar Glindar


Glindar - voice, guitars
Floriana Moiseenco - piano
Sandra Mrozowska - violin

From Echoes from Middle-Earth,
released 4th November 2019