Elfí slavnosti

Elfí slavnosti (Elvish Celebrations)

Members: ,  Františka Andršová (Aredhel), Dušan Andrš, Vojtěch Domin (Bardě), HOSTÉ:, Michaela Svatošová, Eliška Nejedlá (Elsa)
Instruments: harfa, flétna tenorová a basová, kytara španělka, mandolína, bouzouki, loutna, housle, džembe
Founded: 2016

Falešné společenstvo

Falešné společenstvo (False Fellowship)

False Fellowship is a loose group of people who compose and play songs inspired by the work of J.R.R.Tolkien. It was founded primarily because several Tolkien and music fans wanted to preserve the legacy of disbanded Poetic Fellowship. But, after some time, members of False Fellowship started to write their own songs....

Members: Daniela Binderová , Eliška Nejedlá , Fallon Elenwen , Jakub D. Kočí , Jitka Žídková , Michal Kára , Orsejka , Petr Bohdan , Vojtěch Domin ,  Petr Bohdan, Jindra Soukup, Ondřej Janovský (Nerion), Vilém Maršík, Jana Janovčíková (dříve Galetková) (Jaga), Jana Pažoutová (dříve Kopečková), Jana Syrovátková (Jixipen), Jano Janovčík, Karolína Vyskočilová (Půlka), Martina Zrostlíková (Agama), Pavel Vondřička, Petr Žídek, Slávka Stehlíková (Lia), Tereza Lesáková (Goldberry), Viola Handlová
Instruments: ak. kytary, flétny, klávesy, akordeon, bodhrán, perkussion, ...
Founded: 2001



The Fauns are a folk-rock/progressive-rock band from Berlin. The group was founded in the mid 1990s and recorded several demos before releasing their first album »LeafFall« in 2007. The second album, »Awaiting The Sun«, was released in 2011 at Firefield Records/EMG. After EP »Nén« appeared unsigned in 2012, the Fauns are now recording their third album....

Members: Falk H. , Jan-Peer H. , Kirsten M. , Nils H. , Thomas G.
Instruments: acoustic and electric guitars, flute, viola, synth, bass, drums
Founded: 1995



FILIA was founded in 1993 in Pilsen. This band performs mostly during events of "3pé association" and church services of KS Plzeň (Pilsener Christian Association). Occasionally also performs individual concerts. Friendship and links to friends concerned with the world of J.R.R. Tolkien, namely Laisi Finwen, is reflected in Filia's composition and repertoire.  ...

Members: Yanwë Lindamen ,  Zuzana Pešková, Tomáš Pinkas, Petra Tišerová, Jan Tišer, Martin Šrámek
Instruments: kytara, flétna, housle, baskytara, bicí, prekussions
Founded: 1993

Hlasy Středozemě

Hlasy Středozemě (Voices of Middle-earth)

Hlasy Středozemě (Voices of Middle-earth) was the informal group playing songs with Tolkien theme, which met several times a year together on musical rehearsals, recording songs of former Poetic Fellowship or The False Fellowship and performed at appropriate occasions - such as the annual TolkienCon.

As there are musicians from different bands inside and outside, the actual composition was always adapted to the specific musical project....

Members: ,  Aho, Daniela Binderová, Eliška Nejedlá, Fallon Elenwen, Kateřina Schwarzerová, Laeg Mortemir vai Eledar, Petr Bohdan, Vojtěch Domin
Instruments: harfa, kytary, housle, flétny, akordeon, bodhránu, perkussions, dudy
Founded: 2012

Poetické Hudební Společenstvo

Poetické Hudební Společenstvo (Poetic Musical Fellowship)

Poeticke Hudebni Spolecenstvo (PHS; Poetic Musical Fellowship) was established in 2016. Songs and music produced by PHS are inspired by the work of J. R. R. Tolkien. The name of the band suggests that PHS is a direct successor of a former musical band called Poeticke Spolecenstvo (PS; Poetic Fellowship), whose musical legacy PHS maintains and develops further. Unlike PS, musical group PHS focuses solely on songs and music production....

Members: Aho , Kateřina Schwarzerová , Katka García , Máša Súrendil Klepetková , Petr Bohdan , Vojtěch Domin ,   Vlaďas Kučera , Míša Svatošová
Instruments: kytary, harfa, flétny, housle, bezpražcová basa, dudy, akordeon, mandolína, percussions, cajon, ...
Founded: 2016

Poetické společenstvo

Poetické společenstvo (Poetic Fellowship)

This story has started long time ago, and its outset is shrouded by a mists of oblivion. I would like to ask every reader in advance, to turn a blind eye on this story, and -those personally involved- to be tolerant to my sentiment and mistakes....

Members: Jitka Žídková , Kateřina Schwarzerová , Katka García , Petr Bohdan ,  Dároš, Serdgal
Instruments: ak. kytary, harfa, flétny, housle, bodhrán, perkussion
Founded: 1992



Succuba (* 2001) is a band of which the cofounder and longstanding leading member is Zuzka "Sirentis" Koubková. Originally the band was co-founded by Jakub D. Kočí, but after a couple of years and many songs written, he left the band and let it fly in its own waves. 

The next outstanding persona and big contribution for Succuba was Oldřich "Elfy" Poděbradský. He created new arranges for the Jakub's songs, but after some time he also left....

Members: Jakub D. Kočí ,  Jakub "Doktor" Smolka, Zuzka "Sirentis" Koubková, Katka Aronová, Olda "Elfy" Poděbradský, Jirka "Skeeve" Schlesinger, Katka Skoupá, Mario Čumpelík
Instruments: violoncello, klávesy, flétna, el. kytara, ak. kytara, bicí
Founded: 2001

The Flight of the Noldor

The Flight of the Noldor

Eager fans of the second song cycle of Alex Lewis „The Flight of the Noldor“, who decided to introduce and pass this cycle on to other Czech fans.

Led by Elsa (Eliška Nejedlá), Bardě (Vojtěch Domin) and Daniela Binderová they are spreading catchy melodies and plaintive and heroic lyrics by performing these songs on TolkienCon and similar events, teaching audience the tunes and lyrics so that they can sing along....

Members: Daniela Binderová , Eliška Nejedlá , Vojtěch Domin ,  Eliška Nejedlá (Elsa), Vojta Domin (Bardě), Daniela Binderová, Františka Andršová (Aredhel), David Beneš (Lokýt), Ondřej Janovský (Nerion), Michal Kára (Lemming), Jaroslav Samoel (Sam)
Instruments: kytary, irské bouzouki, akordeon, harfa, perkuse, cajón, ...
Founded: 2014