Haradský děvče Píseň lidí IV. věk

(Harad Girl)

Composed 2001 Recorded 2012

Publishing this song took a little bit longer, because Jakub D. Koci was not sure of the quality of the recording. And even if it was not recorded in the studio but "only" in the rehearsal of Hakka Muggies is definitely hilarious.

Author of song

Jakub D. Kočí Jakub D. Kočí


Jakub D. Kočí - leading vocal
Hakka Muggies - music
Markéta Janatová - violin
Erik Onoda - guitar
Petr Jejkal - bassguitar 
Jirka Skála - drums
Albrecht K. Smuten - transverse flute
Recorded at Hakka Muggies music rehearsal room 2012