Let's welcome The Fauns, a folk-rock/progressive-rock band from Berlin, on our pages!

The visitors to Prague's Tolkiencon 2013 had the opportunity to attend the concert of Fauns,  a folk-rock/progressive-rock band from Berlin. And now the Fauns have joined our website as well.

See the Fauns new page here.

In addition to traditional information about the band and its members you can find a number of songs, especially from the last Faun's albums. Due to copyright restrictions on most of the songs we cannot release a mp3 version of them, but you can play them via embedded link to the bancamp site (see song's detail page). With kind permission of Faun's members we have released two recordings from Tolkiencon concert. Here they are:

For those interested in a complete recording of the concert we have good news. Each who attended the concert on TC may obtain a bandcamp download code of the whole concert recording and may create his own CD of the concert. Please contact directly the Fauns on their official email.

Enjoy the new music!


We are on Radio Rivendell


Some of the songs from our project are newly played on Radio Rivendell.

Some of the songs recorded during our project have been added to Radio Rivendell playlist. Legendary internet Radio Rivendell plays a varied fantasy music since 2001. The songs have been added despite the fact, that radio (accordingly to structure of its listeners) prefers instrumental or English sung compositions.

Here you can find the link to the added songs.

Hopefully, the radio listeners will enjoy the songs and there will be more such songs over time.


Bless of Autumn


There is a new album of Laisi Finwen, Yanwe Lindamen, Indil Meliel, Gwairen Linnarmi and Pavel Ferst's songs named Bless of Autumn by the FILIA band.

Bless of Autumn song cycle has been waiting for its final music form for a number of years. It is based on Elvish thanksgiving feast held on Autumn. Although a thanksgiving is concerned all the year and life, for Elven kind an autumn beauty worth special attention. Songs with Laisi Finwen's lyrics (originally supposedly written by Tuilindo Neldoriona, an Elven bard) was performed by the FILIA band under the leadership of Yanwe Lindamen. Album consists of six songs belonging to the cycle and next two bonus songs (out of the scope of this web, but worth listening as well).

I am glad that a good thing succeeded. So let's listen to fall music and it's beautiful and melodic stories.

Chvála podzimu - booklet

For more details, studio photos or album ordering wisit facebook skupiny FILIA.