Project coordinators

Send an email to Project coordinators mail. In graphical form to avoid spambots. if you need information about the project or you want to provide one, such as:

  • you want to help with the project
  • you want to participate as an author
  • you know someone who should be listed as an author
  • you found a mistake on the site, you remember how the history really happened, etc.
  • you have an idea how to improve the project or what to add
  • you want us to add a link to your web pages to our link list
  • you want to publish a link to these pages on your site (you can do it alone, but we will be glad, if you let us know)
  • you need more detailed information about the project

Technical contact

Send an email to Technical contact. In graphical form to avoid spambots. if you have technical issues, such as:

  • something on the web site is not working as it should
  • the pages are not shown correctly in your browser

Link our web site

If you want to link our website, you can use any of these banners:

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