Fëanor and his Sons


With kind permissions of the False Fellowship we proudly present the whole content of The Fëanor and his Sons CD album.

During the Tolkiencon (Prague) on the 16th of January 2010 False Fellowship performed The Fëanor and his Sons music cycle. The success performance was followed by recording project. During few weeks in recording studio in Velim most of the songs were recorded in studio quality. 

For a long time the songs were able only for the CD owners, but since these days everybody can hear them here on our web (with kind permission of all The False Fellowship members). 

For those who would like become owners of the CD: Try to contact The False Fellowship, they hopefully still have some pieces available.

Fëanor and his Sons (CD cycle)

Obálka CD Fëanor a jeho synové




Let us take a long way to Middle-earth then, before the First Age of Arda and listen to the story of fate of the Silmarils and those whose destiny was bound to them.


Songs of Middleearth on Facebook


Songs of Middle-earth have the new Facebook profile.

Songs of Middle-earth (Pisne Stredozeme) are now available also on facebook page

The content is probably going to be mostly in Czech, but you can use like butons on webpages for sharing songs and news with your friends on facebook. And if you want to let us a message in English we will really appreciate.

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We hope it will help to increase the possibility to enjoy the songs and other content of this web among wider audience.


New songs by Masa


The first results of the autumn recording are here - four new songs from Masha Súrendil Klepetková.

I am really glad to welcome Masa Surendil Klepetkova in our project. She definitely cannot be overlooked in the field of tolkienist music creation and she recorded four songs for us during the project's autumn recording.

  • Aredhel - old story of Gondolin's times
  • Cále Palua - 'increasing light' - view of the closure from the world, and hope to those who are waiting for us.
  • When I was Young (Když sú byla) - folklor Rohan song
  • Ni Auta Numenna - 'I am leaving to the West' - rewritten balad by Russian bard-women Telennis

You can listen to the new songs on homepage in 'new songs' section or on Masa's profile page.

We can look forward to more new songs by Orsejka, Daniela Binderova or Laeg - all actually in mastering process.